Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Smoking Dirty Blond Ale

Smoking Dirty Blond Ale
My loving wife challenged me to come up with a beer that represented her for her birthday in November.  She is mostly English and Scottish, and a smoken' dirty blond. Using this for inspiration I devised a "Smoking Dirty Blond Ale".   Here is my first attempt bringing in the English and Scottish heritage along with some smoked malt in a blond.  I don't think I have heard of anything really like it so it at least should be interesting

Grain Bill
6.00 lbs Pilsner Liquid Extract
0.5 lbs Smoked Malt
1.00 lb Crystal 20L
0.5 lb Flaked Oats
0.5 lb White Wheat

Hop Schedule
1.00 oz East Kent Goldings 60min
0.50 oz East Kent Goldings 15min
0.50 oz East Kent Goldings 5min

White Labs Edinburgh Ale

OG 1.054
FG 1.015
ABV 5.11
IBU 23.12
SRM 6.7

1 week Primary at 66f
2 weeks secondary at 66f
Bottle condition 3 weeks at 66f

Current status:
This is currently in the secondary should have been bottled Sunday according to the schedule but after lots of yard work I was exhausted.  I will be bottling tonight hopefully. It is pretty clear although I am not expecting it to fully clear due to the wheat in it.  It turned out a bit darker than I expected probably around 8 SRM but I will have a better idea when it is not in the carboy and I can get a better look at it.  I will sneak a taste while bottling and I am pretty interested to see how it turned out as it is a pretty unique beer  

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