Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Fresh Pressed Cider

Apples for Cider
Sometime last week our brew club, the Indian Peak Alers, was approached by someone in our local community with an apple orchard on his property.  He had attempted to make a cider last year with the apples but it did not turn out to his liking.  After a brief conversation with a few club members the first, and hopefully annual ,"Indian Peak Alers Cider Festival" was born.  The word went out to the club and on Sunday we had amassed around twenty people to help pick apples and press cider.  It was a great day and and an absolutely beautiful setting.  We ended up pressing around thirty gallons of fresh delicious cider.  I believe that we will be aging this to enjoy at next years festival and there was also talk of getting a fresh rum barrel to age in next year.  It was truly a fantastic time.  I know that I speak for everyone in attendance in expressing our thanks to Bill and Sarah for allowing us to come to there home for this fantastic day.  Here are some pictures of the event.

Making Cider

Making CiderMaking CiderMaking Cider

Making Cider

Making Cider

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Yeast Charts Page

I have received a very good response from the yeast charts that I have put together.  I have added a new page dedicated to these charts to make it a bit easier to find them all on one place.  You will see a new link on the top left of this page where you can access all of the completed charts.  I just uploaded the finished Wyeast Ale charts this morning.  I will post the future just to let everyone know when there is something new.  Also feel free to comment on that page if you would like charts for other yeasts that I do not have listed